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Focusing on storm and sanitary sewer systems, SWERP specializes in the rehabilitation of partially and fully deteriorated structures.

Full Length Cured in Place Pipe Liners

Pipe lining from cleanouts in 3" diameter pipe up to steam cured 36" diameter mainlines.

Cured in Place Lateral Connection Liners

Using saddle liners to seal the connection from the lateral liner with a 360° wrap within the main line sewer pipe.

Epoxy & Cement Spincast Manhole Liners

Structural liners to reinforce existing underground structures and protect from further deterioration.

CIPP Point Repairs

Sectional repairs to bridge separated/ offset joints and repair fully deteriorated pipe lines.

CIP Manhole Liners & Reconstruction

Fiberglass reinforced, fully structural, cured in place manhole liners or form and pour concrete and PVC manhole reconstruction.

Chambers, Large Diameter Pipelines & Unique Projects

Specialty projects for building, repairing and lining a vast array of municipal sewer and drainage structures.


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